Testimonials - Ankle Pain

Swaleha Mohamed
Awesome therapy center with corrective measures prescribed! Happy Feet!

Laxmi Viswanathan
As usual very comprehensive. Wonderful atmosphere.

Purnota Bahl
Great Experience. Doctors take time to address every concern. Mr. Shah is a delight to interact with.

Ramesh Shah
She (Dr. Snehal) is very helpful & knowledgeable. We are very satisfied.

P M Sudhir
A doctor investigated my case in detail to find the root cause of stiffness and ankle pain. She identified that improper physiotherapy post surgery was the reason and suggested a good programme. In a period of 3 months, I was able to reduce my ankle pain after wearing suggested footwear, cold pack application & stretching exercises.

Appriciate the detailed evaluation!

Nirbhay Jain
Excellent in every sense. Everyone is very courteous.

Suvarna Sathe
So far good. Regularly coming for treatment for last ten years. Feeling much better.

Nina Wagle
Good analysis and consultation provided by Dr. Ritu Chouhan for my flat feet issues. The insole for my daily footwear from Orthofit were a blessing. Don't know how I used to walk without them.

Mr. Abhay Tole & Mast Tole
Three years ago I started to suffer from severe pain in my ankles whenever I exercised. I had to give up my daily routine of 4 km walk/ jog and weekend golf. This started a downward spiral of weight gain loss of fitness. My son had an underdeveloped arch in his feet. This made his feet hurt when he ran long distances. Orthofit changed this for both of us, Dr Shweta Gaikwad treated both our cases. I was genuinely impressed with the professionalism in the diagnostic process , the therapy and follow-up. Proof of the pudding is in eating, the recommendations on type of footwear, inserts, correction in gait and exercises treated both our conditions fully. Almost immediately I was back on my routine with NO pain what so ever, I now jog upto 10 km without any problems, my son's arch actually developed (in a year) and he has run his first half marathon. We are indebted to Dr Shweta Gaikwad and Orthofit for literally getting us "back on our feet "

Abhairaj Kohli
I got the perfect guidance that I had not received before this. Really great full to visit Orthofit.

Rajiv Duggal
I was sufferring from ankle & foot pain since 10 years. I had visited various hospitals for the treatment but none of them could help me for my problem. Then I came to know about Orthofit where I met specialized drs in foot, ankle & lower limb. They evaluated me from toe to the spine. They found out the root cause of my problem. with the help of corrective insoles & right shoes my pain level has dereased much. As per Dr. Sejal's advice I am continueing therapy sessions & cold packs, which is helping me to come out of my pain & now I can do all my daily activities much easily & pain-free. Dr. sejal is amongst the best physio therapist that I have came across. Not only does she properly understand my problem but uses her experience to evaluate all other angles of pain & injury. I am very happy that she took up my case.

Kapil Bhargava, Retired, (Borivli, Mumbai)
I am under treatment for more than a year for my ankle pain, feeling much better. With insole and proper shoe recommendation, the pain reduced and knee got much strength. Very good service and treatment.

Carey Gracias, Businesswoman, (Mazagaon, Mumbai)
I had good experience, after using theVasyli insoles provided to me by Orthofit. I felt much better, good attention was given by Doctors as they explained very well about my Ankle and Lower Back injury.

Rupal Shah, Housewife, (Ghatkopar ,Mumbai)
My Flat feet, ankle & hip pain have reduced after visiting Orthofit. I am much better now with Vasyli Insoles & footwear. Thanks.

Kumar Agarwal, Student, Raipur
Nice experience. Hoping for good results.Doctors at Orthofit explained me very appropriately.

Harsh Lal, Lawyer, (Malabar Hill, Mumbai).
Doctors at Orthofit are brilliant. I’ve been visiting for a month or so now they are very informed,professional& helpful. Pleasure to be consulted by them.

Tushar Chaturvedi, Student,(Juhu,Mumbai)
Orthofit provided good service. I was particularly satisfied with the footwear as it eased my pain and discomfort. The advice given by the Doctors was also terrific and extremely helpful.

Dimple Safi, Psychologist, (Marine Drive, Mumbai).
It is very encouraging & eye opening to be aware about these (Foot related) conditions which are often ignored. Orthofit truly believes "Prevention is better than Cure.''

Keshavi Mehta, Yoga Instructor, (Juhu,Mumbai)
Very much relaxed after wearing Dr. Comfort shoes, my pain has reduced comparatively from the time I came here first. Thank you very much Orthofit, I am very happy.

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Kapil Bhargava - I am under treatment for more than a year for my ankle pain, feeling much better. With insole and proper shoe recommendation, the pain reduced and knee got much strength. Very good service and treatment.