Testimonials - Corns & Callus

Sandeep Velkar
I was suffering from an inflamed corn for 35 years. I could not even touch my right foot on the floor! I approached your clinic a month ago. Thereafter you and your team spent about 4 to 5 hours on two days and the treatment which you all gave me was overwhelming.

What impressed me most was the very professional approach with which you understood my problem, my lifestyle, trying to lead you to the cause of the corns and the thought you gave to what would be the fastest and best way to make me pain free. The insoles and wedges given to me to off load pressure from my corn have worked very well for me. Today my pain from the corn is been reduced by 70 percent, though not completely gone away, its not troubling me or hampering my movement and thereby my work. I am still using Salicylic acid only on the corn.

I want to thank you, for the amount of time that you and Dr.Snehal spent with me, which has helped me restore my daily routine almost immediately, which include morning walks and going up and down in courts on a regular basis. Thank you once again and all the very best to Orthofit!

Perviz Menon
Treatment to start. Just bought right fitting shoes with the help of Orthofit!

Lynette Fernandes
I am diabetic patient & was suffering from corns on my feet. Dr. Vernon referred me to Orthofit. I was given Doctor Comfort Shanon Footwear with a dancer pad on left & metbar on the right by Mr. Chaitanya Shah & Dr. Sejal Jain. Because of which my corns disappeared in six months. The treatment given by Team Orthofit really helped me. They also suggested me a pair of Annie shoes with Vasyli Insoles which are great help for walking. I was very pleased with Orthofit Team's advised that It changed my life for better. "Thank You SO Much. TEAM ORTHOFIT - YOU ARE THE BEST"

Mrs. Vinita. V, (Girgaon, Mumbai)
I was having multiple corns on both the feet since last 20 years after wearing footwear provided to me by Orthofit.Now there is no pain and I feel much better after walking.

Anuradha Kumar, Mumbai.
Corns on both my feet have reduced quite a lot with the Orthotic Wedges provided by Orthofit.

Mrs. GeetaSreedhar, Teacher, (Mulund, Mumbai).
Very good service provided by Orthofit. Doctors made me feel very comfortable in my every visit. Thank you God bless you.

Tehmi Rana, Housewife, Cuffe Parade
Doctors here are really impressive. They were meticulous in examination, polite, observant & brilliant. They handled an 83 yrs. old lady beautifully and we all are going home extremely happy and comforted. Thank you very much. It’s a fabulous place. The General staff too were cheerful & friendly.

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Kapil Bhargava - I am under treatment for more than a year for my ankle pain, feeling much better. With insole and proper shoe recommendation, the pain reduced and knee got much strength. Very good service and treatment.