Testimonials - Flat Feet

Digambar Sethi
Perfectly explained the problem and gave many alternatives for exercises to help correction.

Excellent consulting and no hurry shown during the treatment. Complete satisfaction.

Mohd. Saquib Nasir Chaus
Very enlightening and helpful! Hope to benefit from all the expertise.

Kamalrukh J.Baria
Dr. Shweta makes all the difference. Many thanks!

Rustom Dadabhoy
I have been using the insoles & corrective footwear since 2014. My foot is in much much better condition.

Anita Mehta
Coming for follow up. Treatment is helping to cure my problem. Feeling much better. Thank you!

Tejas Rajaputhran
Excellent place. Keep going!

Sahil Hathiramani
Orthofit has really helped me.

Sulasa Shah
I had stenosis of the lumbar region. & also pain in knee. The footwear with the correction helped to overcome the problem to a great extent. The correction prescribed has been a great boon to me. In fact it helped me to regain my confidence to walk pain free. Cannot walk without the footwear.

Mahesh Shah
Thanks to you, I walk at 6.5 kms per hour speed for 30 minutes. I carry out 3 sets of lunges for 20 seconds each, do the squatting three times for 45 seconds each and 15 kgs. Tied to ankles lift weights for a count of 60. This has strengthened my muscles and the burning sensation in the flat side of the feet is gone. My natural walk is only between 6 to 6.5 kms. Per hour and without any effort. Thanks once again.

Priyanka Bhandhari, Student, (Thane, Mumbai).
Sandals provided to me for flat feet by Orthofit are helpful; they reduce pain while standing for long time.

Shyam Chandramani, (Nepean Sea Rd, Mumbai).
Very Impressed with Doctors at Orthofit. They are professionally good. The way they explained, examined me properly and gave me good guidance for my Flat feet and Varicose Veins, they have good Knowledge. Thanks to Doctors for their kind help and Co-operation.

Abhay Tole
Fantastic. Drs patiently heard me out. Put on additions and exercises. Overall an awesome place. Will definitely recommend in my friend circles & relatives.

Mrs. Nathan (Natsh Nathan’s Mother)
I am liking the way my son (Hriday) is improving. Orthotic corrections given by doctor of Orthofit are helping a lot. I am very satisfied with service & care provided by doctors of Orthofit. ORTHOFIT ROCKS !!!

Tushar Chaturvedi, Student,(Juhu,Mumbai)
Orthofit provided good service. I was particularly satisfied with the footwear as it eased my pain and discomfort. The advice given by the Doctors was also terrific and extremely helpful.

Sanjeev Khatri, Businessman, (Nashik)
Orthofit is an amazing place for people with foot problem. Never knew I would enjoy walking so much. It became possible with the right kind of foot wear suggested by Orthofit. I realized that it was so important to pay attention to your feet, one part that is always neglected. Now it’s my second innings with right level of suspension & right tyres.

Aman Gupta, Mumbai.
Doctors at Orthofit are very knowledgeable and they explained me about my gait in best possible way. The Vasyli Insoles suggested by them helped me correct my problem. Thank u Orthofit.

Arun Mhatre, Mumbai.
Doctors at Orthofit explained me in detail about my Flat feet problem. They also suggested me the exercises for the same. Overall the experience was good.

Dr. VanitaJohari, (Borivli, Mumbai).
I would like to compliment the Doctors at Orthofit for the good work in assessing and giving therapeutic measures for my daughter’s long standing problem.

Tushar Chaturvedi, Student, (Juhu, Mumbai)
Orthofit provided good service. I was particularly satisfied with the footwear as it eased my pain and discomfort. The advice given by the Doctors was also terrific and extremely helpful.

Dr. M.P. Patel, Andheri, Mumbai.
Good work & very cordial staff. Doctors at Orthofit were very explanative &they advisedin detail about my defective foot arch. Thank you for your assistance.

Ananya Bharadwaj, Student, Mumbai.
Doctors at Orthofit are extremely understanding and helpful in their guidance. Owe my painless feet to them. Thank you so much Orthofit!

Nikita Parekh, Businessman, (Vidyavihar, Mumbai).
Doctors at Orthofit were Outstanding. Above all I felt the therapy I got here is just too appropriate than others which I felt are just like Physical Training exercises in school. Thank you.

Sunita Bohara & Alvira Bohara, Businesswoman, Nashik.
This has been my first visit to Orthofit and I am very happy about my decision of coming here. Excellent medical guidance by Doctors here. Thank You.

Sachin Galande, Pune
Excellent work. Complete satisfaction of the treatment for my foot problem, it feels really great to have this kind of facility in my country. Keep rocking Orthofit!!

Mohammad Teladia, Student, Gujarat.
With pain beginning at a mere age of 15 and after trying all sorts I eventually found the answer at Orthofit, but at an age of 23,better late than never very happy pain free living !!

Krishkhaitan, Student, Surat
Very well fit (Shoes)

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Kapil Bhargava - I am under treatment for more than a year for my ankle pain, feeling much better. With insole and proper shoe recommendation, the pain reduced and knee got much strength. Very good service and treatment.