Testimonials - General Reviews

Arya Tandon
I believe in correction and not medication/surgery. This method given by the Orthofit Team worked for me.

Aanchal Singh
Dr.Chaitanya is superb, excellent! Dr.Snehal is very helpful.

Mahesh Kumar
Orthofit is a good alternative treatment organisation. Scientific evaluation for foot, ankle pain management!

Dr.Shweta was very professional and patient in explaining my problem and providing a great remedy.

Sachin Chendurkar
Doctors here are excellent!

Alessio Araujo
The best place in the city! Super happy with the treatment.

Yuvraaj Wadhwani
Very happy with the treatment!

Meena Shah
Very co-operative. They undertand the problem well.

Geeta Sreedhar
The Doctors are very attentive and caring.

Bina Shah
Excellent diagnosis. I have recovered completely. They have suggested to wear the shoes which they have recommended due to which I have cured my feet.

Gaurav Kulkarni
I shall be regularly trying the excercises regimen & lifestyle modifications recommended. Thank You!

Kishore Shahani
Received a detailed evaluation. Very patient & friendly physiotherapists. They are confident and competent.

Nawal Kishore Agarwal
Very helpful and satisfied.

Priya Seth
Excellent evaluation and treatment!

Arifa Rashid
Good Doctors. Helped in understanding the problem & remedies.

Safia Shaikh
The treatment was very good and effective

Vishal Thakkar
Excellent diagnosis! Dr. Ritu has been very patient and helpful in identifying the problems & monitoring progress regularly. Pain has reduced significantly.

Meenal Pinge
Very informative and quite satisfied with the services. Thank You.

Anju Sethi
Super experience. Thanks to Orthofit, I am pain free today.

Vijay Shah
Everything is Good.

Bhavna Shah
Everything here is +++. Dr. Sejal is always ready to help. Five stars for her.

Jui Inamdar
Thank you very much for detailed attention.

Arzan Dhanbhoora
Mr. Chaitanya ( Very Good - Magical), Dr. Ritu ( Very patient & polite)

Urvi Dhuldhoya
4 Years ago, had heel pain, that has completely gone. It was quite informative and helpful.

Manju Kumbhat
The footwear provided are very comfortable and gives immediate results. I in a day or was free from all the pain and comfortably walk without pain. It is a great cure without any medicine. I enjoy going for long walks with the new foot wear. It is worth the cost. For people who cannot afford please sell at cost. Thanks Orthofit.

Rati Wadia
I am an old patient of Orthofit. One of my family member referred me to Orthofit for my deformity of toes. I was guided by Mr. Chaitanya Shah with orthotic corrections & perfect shoes. It really help to resolve the problem of pain at the ball of the foot. I am very comfortable with the given corrections. Mr. Chaitanya, all the doctors & team Orthofit are very kind and patient.

Mrs. Vidyaebn Kotak
I was suffering from severe pain in foot. One of my family member recommended Orthofit where I met Mr. Shah because of whom I AM WALKING FREELY NOW. Doctors at Orthofit not only did the detailed evaluation but helped me to stand on my feet. They are very patient & understand the patient's problem very well. EXTREMELY SATISFIED WITH THE TREATMENT!

Samyak Chakrabarty
Orthofit provides a holistic and progressive approach to problem solving. I came in with immense back pain and incorrect posture. Chaitanya Shah's ace team took complete charge and I'm already feeling the difference.

Pallavi Deshmukh
Very professional guidance is provided regarding all foot and ankle problems... Great team.

Harshal Shah
The staff at Orthofit were very knowledgeable and efficient. When I had injured my ligaments, they took very good care of me and ensured that I was back into the path of fitness soon. Chaitanya Shah who runs Orthofit is not only an avid sportsman and a wonderful person but is also a role model to everyone his age and younger!

Madhuri Ruia, Founder Integym, Nutrition and Pilates expert
The best and most scientific place for foot and knee orthotics. We need these to exercise stronger and look and feel better.

Beni Schwalb
I cannot express you with words what you did for me. You have helped me recovering the joy of being free again. Thanks to your help I can again walk without pain, run for fun, and exercise with a smile. I can only recommend you and your clinic to anyone who suffers from his legs like I did and wants to be cured in a fast and professional way.

Kavita Ghatge
I had Intermitted numbness, tingling on the left foot while running. Doctors gave adequate time and did not rush through the examination. Which helped me to understand the cause of my problem.

Kurush Wadia
I got here since I knew doc from the cycling community. I had knee pain which stopped me from running. Orthofit advised me on the structure of my feet, how I walk and run and how to correct them with the right shoe and in sole. Also, very good advice given on how to train myself under a coach. All things considered, I'm back to running now without pain and i love it. Thanks, Orthofit!

Sejal Shah Vora
Timely guidance and lots and lots of attention given to each and every problem. I was suffering from Cervical issues for a very long time, severe pain and bed rest!! The physios at the center showed me daily 10 minute exercises and gave me detailed explanations making my day to day working pain free and mobility back to normal. For our daily activities, my entire family uses insoles and footwear recommended by Orthofit enhancing performances in exercise routines and sports. Thank you for all the help and guidance always.

Tejal Sanover, Ex Medical Director of Orthofit
I am pleased to write this testimonial on the new and improved Orthofit website. If you are thinking this is a promotion gimmick, then sorry it is not. I was not a patient at Orthofit but was ex- Medical Director and Senior Physiotherapist at this place. Orthofit's aim has been very clear from the time it was founded by Mr. Chaitanya Shah - work on foundation - we stand on our feet and that is our foundation. The way one stands, walks and performs all the day to day function is based on a strong foundation. Our feet in turn affect the entire body - its like a chain. Any link in this chain is affected, it can lead to aches and pains and discomfort. This can be seen in any age group and finally it affects one's ability to function well. Orthofit deals with integrating the knowledge/ science of podiatry, along with evaluation of a person in a holistic fashion and treat the cause of your symptoms rather than just trea t the pain. I have seen a lot of different cases in Orthofit- people walk in with pain but always walk out with a smile on their face. The way they are treated here right from the time you enter till you leave - a complete personalised care. I learnt a lot at Orthofit- personally and professionally- Chaitanya has an amazing attitude and is keen on spreadingb awareness about the science of podiatry, how it can be incorporated with physical therapy evaluations and treatment and how one can benefit from both orthotics and physio treatments. I am now working in the US, but trust me Orthofit is one of its kind. It was fun working at Orthofit, every day was a challenge and solving different cases and getting results was satisfying. Thanks Chaitanya for believing in me and kudos to Orthofit and its vision..

Pradip Lalla
Orthofit's personal attention and systematic understanding of my osteoarthritis has helped me lead a normal life without surgery. Thanks.

Meghna Kanakia
Orthofit provides a service which is very niche and hard to find in Mumbai. While they consult and fit you with all kinds of orthotic products, they have great team of professionals who are able to diagnose and address various foot biomechanics issues which often go overlooked and untreated. They are very dedicated and go all out to help you to the best of their ability.

Iqbal Mehmood
If Physio rehab and mobility is your concern ? Orthofit is the right place to visit - super helpful and experts ready to all you to the best of your ability ! One stop shop for rehab and mobility care!!

Beena Gala
Orthofit made a real change in foot rehabilitation.

Raajeev Sharma
It's something everyone must do like visiting the dentist etc......great job.....

Ulupi Chakrabarty
I used to have severe knee pains! But with timely treatment, guidance and products from Orthofit I have recovered so well. Sooner than I imagined. Now I am able to walk daily for an hour on Carter Road! The kind of advice and care that I received from Chaitanyabhai and team Orthofit got me happily back on my feet. Having seen my speedy recovery my husband Sanjoy who has been suffering for years with ankle and foot pain is a happy man now after treatment and use of Orthofit shoes!!! I truly recommend Orthofit to all. Amazing professional treatment and care!!

Dipak Panchal
Orthofit is a center where the patients are really taken care of. I work with a Sports Injury Rehab and Training center and we use and recommend the @mcdavid range of products supplied by Orthofit to our patients. I must say the braces and support systems Orthofit has are the best you can get.

Mahesh Shah
I feel this organisation is a must visit set up not only if you have a problem with your foot/feet, ankle or related parts of the body but from a sheer holistic approach, to learn how to remain fit and independent in the later years of life. Wish all the very best.

Divya Sharma
Very professional.. I have seen the team work and the nuances they focus on..the patient always comes first... Great going!!!

Shwetha Bhatia
I realised what faulty biomechanics can lead to after suffering a few injuries. Orthofit has helped me with my corrections and I'm now pain free! I recommend it not only as a curative but also as a preventive measure for all active individuals!

Brij Nalage
I have always believed in the high standards set by Orthofit when it comes to Orthotics. The process of assessment, evaluation and dispensing the right products by highly trained health professionals at Orthofit has been the standout feature for me. Most of the Orthotic companies all around the world do not even offer a re-assessment of the Orthotics once dispensed which means you don't get to modify them as per your requirements even though advertised as custom made. I bet you can get in touch with the team at Orthofit if the product doesn't suit you and they will brainstorm to make the necessary modifications and most importantly they won't sell you something if its not meant for you.

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Kapil Bhargava - I am under treatment for more than a year for my ankle pain, feeling much better. With insole and proper shoe recommendation, the pain reduced and knee got much strength. Very good service and treatment.