Testimonials - Heel Pain

K Palakshi
Very good understanding of movements and dynamics. Helped me a lot to correct and balance.

Nalin Nayyar
Very well diagnosed and advice given is very relevant.

Kokila Mehta
It really help to have corrective footwear & proper treatment like cold packs.

Hemant Khialani
There is no pain after wearing your footwear!

Sona Shah
Orthofit team has helped me to come out of my heel pain. Not only gave the solution also helped me to see my problems positively. Very supportive and caring staff. AFTER EVERY VISIT IN ORTHOFIT I FEEL VERY POSITIVE & ENCOURAGED.

Ramesh Kawar
The doctors did good evaluation of the problem & have suggested necessary interventions for inherrent problem. Also they have suggested physio work up besides orthotic corrections which is really helping to improve.

Joti Khiani
Really very happy about the treatment given by Dr. Sejal at Orthofit. I am the regular patient of Orthofit since 2012. I am grateful that Dr. Rele referred me to Orthofit for my pain problems. I am taking therapy sessions under Dr. Sejal's guidance. Dr at orthofit are always available for my any problem. They are very carring about their patients. The exercise treatment is really helping me a lot. My pain is much better. I am living pain free beacaus of Orthofit dr's intense care & expertized treatment.

RanjanaSachdev, Housewife, (Andheri, Mumbai)
I had severe heel pain almost a year ago. With the help and guidance of the Doctors at Orthofit, the heel pain has completely disappeared. I’m extremely grateful to them for all their help in treating my pain.

Vernon Fernandes, Mumbai.
Super consultation by the Doctors at Orthofit. Great relief with suggestions given & corrections made to the footwear. Right recommendation provided on the basis of evaluation. Doctors were good & informative on the subject.

MakarandHerwadkar, C.A, (Mahim, Mumbai).
The pain in the heel caused by spur vanished within 15-30 days after using the Vasyli insoles provided by Orthofit. Very good solution.

Ryan Welsh, Student, (Powai, Mumbai).
Thank you so much, I can’t walk anymore without thisVasyli insoles provided by Orthofit.

YogeshPadgaokar, IT Professional, (Prabhadevi, Mumbai).
Doctors at Orthofit were extremely helpful and helped me with my foot problem. They got down the pain level from 9 to 3. I am very impressed by Orthofit's work professionalism and will recommend them to my family& friends.

Nimit Shah, Businessman, Mumbai
I am extremely satisfied after visiting Orthofit & the correctives really are of great help&the hospitality is also excellent.

NayanaKathpalia, Civil Activist, (Churchgate, Mumbai)
Coming at Orthofit has been a good experience as my strange heel pain has almost reduced after the diagnosis and suggestions. The Doctors have thought and explained me very well, thank you very much Orthofit.

John Carvalho, Service, (Andheri, Mumbai)
I had a very good experience at Orthofit. They took good care of all my needs regarding my foot & taught all the exercises in a very well trained manner. Thank you very much once again.

Samir Agarwal, Businessman, (Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai)
Very good, I have been here for more than 3 years. Orthofit has solved a lot of my foot problems, so I recommended a few people here as well. Thank you Orthofit. Great Doctors & Good Team.

Shiv Subramanyam, Actor, (Andheri, Mumbai)
During my first visit itself, I was highly impressed by the professionalism, the interest and the commitment shown by the Orthofit staff towards healing the attention to detail. Felt I was in safe hands.

Dr. Melville Da Costa, Medical Practitioner, (Mahim, Mumbai)
Orthofit performed a satisfactory assessment of my feet and provided relief and comfort to heel spur pain. Very comfortable examination& follow ups.

SachinDalvi, Mumbai
Excellent place to solve my heel pain & other complains. Got 80% relief in just 4 days!!!

Dr. M.P. Patel, Andheri, Mumbai.
Good work & very cordial staff. Doctors at Orthofit were very explanative &they advisedin detail about my defective foot arch. Thank you for your assistance.

Atul Sharma, Businessman, Nashik.
Extremely polite & professional team. Orthofit cured my planter fascitis in Weeks! Thank you.

Dr. ManishaDavalbhakta, Gynaecologist, (Bhusawal, Maharashtra).
Orthofit is a very beautiful and supportive Clinic. One walks with pleasure after visiting this place. Thanks and wish you all the best.

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Kapil Bhargava - I am under treatment for more than a year for my ankle pain, feeling much better. With insole and proper shoe recommendation, the pain reduced and knee got much strength. Very good service and treatment.