How Diabetes Can Hurt Your Feet?

How Diabetes Can Hurt Your Feet? What is the fact between Diabetes & Feet?  Currently India’s diabetic population is 65 million and 50% i.e. staggering 32.5 millionis suffering from “Peripheral Neuropathy”, leading to foot complications and severe deformities. What is Peripheral Neuropathy and how can it affect my feet?  Excessive and/or fluctuation of sugar in…

Let’s Explore Your Angel’s Feet

Let’s Explore Your Angel’s Feet Children & feet. Let’s explore the facts regarding children’s feet. Brainstorming questions for all moms????????  Have you spent 5 minutes from your hectic schedule to observe your child’s feet? Have you seen your child standing or walking? If yes, then do you know what to observe? Which observations require professional…

Your Feet Hurt?

Your Feet Hurt? Visit Orthofit for solutions which would have you walking comfortably
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