Feet Facts

How much do you know about one of the hardest  working parts of the body?

Did you know?

  • Feet are getting bigger (up two shoe sizes since 1970s). The average shoe size for men is 10 ( up from size 8) and the average shoe size for women is size 6 (up from size 4)

  • 60 per cent of people have one foot larger than the other

  • Feet can flatten out as you get older (and heavier) and can also increase in shoe size during pregnancy, so you might need to wear a larger shoe or one with a wider fitting says The College of Podiatry

  • One in five women say they are embarrassed about their feet

  • A young adult’s foot produces about an egg cup of sweat on a summer’s day, so give them some air time. Don’t keep them smothered in airless trainers, synthetic socks or plastic boots day in day out

  • The average person uses their feet to walk 150,000 miles in a lifetime (equivalent to walking around the world five times)

  • The foot is one of the body’s most intricate ‘machines’- with 26 bones

  • Running increases the pressure on the foot by up to seven times that of the body weight

  • Footwear is the biggest cause of foot problems in the UK, say podiatrists


Source Courtesy: https://www.scpod.org/contact-us/press/press-releases/feet-facts/