Arpana Shejwal came to Orthofit with Corn on the sole of Foot – “I suffered for 1 yr but Orthofit’s Mr. Shah cured me within a month. I am happy to walk without pain and limping”

Prakash Shah had Heel Pain in his Right Leg – “At last found where we needed to be a long time ago. Our Journey to a better life has just begun Thanks to Mr. Chaitanya Shah.”

Bina Shah Flat Feet with Corn on both legs – “Excellent diagnoses. I have recovered completely. They have suggested me to wear the shoe which they have recommended due to which I have cured my feet”

P M Sudhir complained of Pain in front part of the Ankle with stiffness – “The doctor investigated my case very detail to find the root cause of stiffness and ankle pain. She identified that improper physiotherapy post surgery was the reason and suggested a good programme”

Sulasa Shah has Flat Feet  & Leg Length discrepancy – “The footwear with correction helped to overcome the problem to a great extent. In fact it helped me to regain my confidence to walk pain free.”

Honey J Gosar suffered fro Heel Pain, stiffness, Knee pain, Lower Back Pain – “Consultation and advice both received were very helpful. My Pain reduced to 40-50% less in Just a month for which I was struggling since years”