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Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!



Orthofit has developed a unique approach where certified therapists conduct a detailed foot, ankle and lower limb biomechanics evaluation and scrutinize static and dynamic conditions.



Orthofit brought McDavid range of clinical products, designed and manufactured with cutting edge technology and backed by the medical science to meet the strong need for clinical braces to provide optimum support, stability and strength to protect the various joints and enhance performance.


This is patient and physical therapist duing leg lifts.

Since all three medical science practices are nascent to India, Orthofit has strategically integrated with Functional & Physical Therapy practices in our unique ‘state-of-the-art ‘clinic.



Each human body and its Biomechanics is unique in all respect. Therefor to understand and treat ‘Diabetic Foot’ the science demands detailed biomechanical evaluation from “TOE to HEAD” to assess, prescribe and to provide customized foot care, footwear, orthotics and accessories to ensure “Safe and Secure Environment”.



It’s very important to evaluate and take care of ankle, foot and lower limb at a very young age because lower limb carry people for their entire lives. If ignored children may be affected by various conditions like Flat feet, heel pain, ankle sprain, ingrown nails, sports injuries and other disorders that may result in knock knees, bow Leg, Faulty Gait & Poor Posture which they have to live with rest of their life.


  • Mr.Shah came to Orthofit with mild Knee Pain on prolonged walking. A detailed evaluation was done and he was prescribed Orthotic corrections for correcting of alignment, biomechanical exercises for stretching, knowledge about Diabetic Footcare was imparted. With the above management, Mr. Ajit Shah is now able to stand and walk for longer period than before. He is very happy with his pain free knee.

    This is what he has to say

    “There is an excellent evaluation method provided at ORTHOFIT to find out ailments in your lower limb. They are very knowledgeable regarding biomechanics. I feel great to follow their suggestions and look forward into it with time.”                                                                                     – AJIT SHAH.

    Mr.Shah very happy with his pain free knee.
  • Mr. Madhusudan Inamdar(Mike Inamdar, CPA, CA), Canada, wrote to Mr.Chaitanya Shah
    Thank you for everything. I very much appreciate your advice. read more

    Madhusudan Inamdar(Mike Inamdar)
  • “Shuttles” from an Amateur to National and now International Badminton Star read more

    Orthofit’s STAR, Jehan Daboo
  • Arpana Shejwal came to Orthofit with Corn on the sole of Foot – “I suffered for 1 year but Orthofit’s Mr. Shah cured me within a month. I am happy to walk without pain and limping”

    Arpana Shejwal
  • I believe in correction and not medication/surgery. This method given by the Orthofit Team worked for me.

    Arya Tandon
  • Excellent diagnosis. I have recovered completely. They have suggested to wear the shoes which they have recommended due to which I have cured my feet.

    Bina Shah
  • Excellent diagnosis! Dr. Ritu has been very patient and helpful in identifying the problems & monitoring progress regularly. Pain has reduced significantly.

    Vishal Thakkar
  • The footwear provided are very comfortable and gives immediate results. I in a day or was free from all the pain and comfortably walk without pain. It is a great cure without any medicine. I enjoy going for long walks with the new foot wear. It is worth the cost. For people who cannot afford please sell at cost. Thanks Orthofit.

    Manju Kumbhat
  • I am an old patient of Orthofit. One of my family member referred me to Orthofit for my deformity of toes. I was guided by Mr. Chaitanya Shah with orthotic corrections & perfect shoes. It really help to resolve the problem of pain at the ball of the foot. I am very comfortable with the given corrections. Mr. Chaitanya, all the doctors & team Orthofit are very kind and patient.

    Rati Wadia
  • I was suffering from severe pain in foot. One of my family member recommended Orthofit where I met Mr. Shah because of whom I AM WALKING FREELY NOW. Doctors at Orthofit not only did the detailed evaluation but helped me to stand on my feet. They are very patient & understand the patient’s problem very well. EXTREMELY SATISFIED WITH THE TREATMENT!

    Mrs. Vidyaebn Kotak
  • Orthofit provides a holistic and progressive approach to problem solving. I came in with immense back pain and incorrect posture. Chaitanya Shah’s ace team took complete charge and I’m already feeling the difference.

    Samyak Chakrabarty
  • The staff at Orthofit were very knowledgeable and efficient. When I had injured my ligaments, they took very good care of me and ensured that I was back into the path of fitness soon. Chaitanya Shah who runs Orthofit is not only an avid sportsman and a wonderful person but is also a role model to everyone his age and younger!

    Harshal Shah
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