Taking a long break from your workouts can undo or dampen all your weight loss efforts. If you are planning a holiday longer than a week, follow these tips to stay on track DEPENDING UPON THE TYPE OF PLACE YOU ARE VISITING:
  1. Beach: Jog, play volleyball, SWIM.
  2. Park: Go cycling.
  3. Lake: Go kayaking.
  4. Forest: Take a nature walk.
  5. Mountains: Go trekking.
  6. City: Walk as much as you can if the weather permits.
  7. Plan your activities in advance.
  8. Carry your gear accordingly.
  9. Use the hotel gym for at least 1 session in 10 days or do body weight training in your room, carry a resistance band.
  10. Don’t forget to book an appointment at the spa!

Guest Article, Dietician Shwetha Bhatia