Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Guest article by Shwetha Bhatia

Too much “sugar” in the diet can be really damaging. Sugar is not only the white sweet stuff. Practically all starchy CARBOHYDRATES are converted into sugar (measured as blood glucose) once digested.

– Risk of diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome
– Accelerates oxidative stress and aging
– Suppresses the immune system, creates an inflammatory state
– Mood swings, cravings, lethargy, can be addictive
– Last but not the least, tooth decay

Reducing carbs in the diet is extremely beneficial especially in the INDIAN SCENARIO. This does not mean the overall calories need to be low. Increasing the quantity of protein and/or fat will accompany the reduction in carbs. Alter the ratios of protein:fat in the ketogenic plan depending upon your fitness goals or go low carb, high protein and moderate fat. Quantity, source and timing of every nutrient is crucial.

These principles can be applied even to bodybuilders and athletes during the gaining phase/competition season; if calculated accurately by an expert (lean muscle gain). Overloading carbs is simply old school!

Shwetha Bhatia is a registered dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association. She runs her practice under the brand name “Metamorphosis’ in Mumbai. She is also a competitive fitness athlete (IBBF Bronze winner at the State & National Level 2015). She has also set up her own gym and nutrition counselling centre in Goa called Gym & Tonic. She’s also a columnist for the fitness magazine Krunch Today.

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