Mr. Madhusudan Inamdar(Mike Inamdar, CPA, CA), Canada, wrote to Mr.Chaitanya Shah
Thank you for everything. I very much appreciate your advice.
By the way, I am completely pain free which is what I told you earlier. 
I have been constantly wearing the shoes and I am very comfortable in them. There’s no pain anywhere and I haven’t worn my braces in Canada even once.
I think my left toe which was a source of constant pain was, I think , due to my socks (old golf socks). That sock was, I think, folding up over the left toe making me uncomfortable. Also it is a question of getting used to a new shoe and the insoles. But the main thing is that I am pain free.
In addition, on your advice, I am also doing knee exercises to strengthen my leg muscles.
So needless to say, you are my new guru.
Just wanted to thank you for your time, patience and above all expertise!