Are you fit enough for these workouts?

Guest article by Shwetha Bhatia

There are a whole lot of unconventional workouts that are getting popular these days. Group classes are popular because of 2 things: they banish BOREDOM and promote BONDING! A beginner joining group classes from Zumba to CrossFit, can have his share of risks.

The problem with any group class is that anyone who joins just gets included in the ongoing class. Everyone gets the same process. A novice needs to build strength and flexibility before s/he can be on a par with anyone else in the group or even take up the class in the 1st place.

Starting any form of intense activity after a long gap is not advisable. People tend to outdo each other in a competitive environment and overload themselves individually.

Your checklist before signing up:

  • Get your fitness levels tested by the instructor.
  • Inform your instructor if you have any active/past history of injuries or any other illness.
  • The class should be small enough where individual attention is given and the instructor can moderate the class to suit all levels of fitness.
  • The class should have a mobility drill, dynamic warm up and passive stretching pre and post workout.

Remember, the purpose is to get fit..not just burning calories!

Shwetha Bhatia is a registered dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association. She runs her practice under the brand name “Metamorphosis’ in Mumbai. She is also a competitive fitness athlete (IBBF Bronze winner at the State & National Level 2015). She has also set up her own gym and nutrition counselling centre in Goa called Gym & Tonic. She’s also a columnist for the fitness magazine Krunch Today.

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