Endometriosis is a benign chronic inflammatory disease affecting the female reproductive system.
Dietary changes and the use of supplements have been evaluated for their effects on endometriosis-associated pain. These changes may affect the immune system, thereby interfering with disease progression.
Few studies support some benefit from certain supplements (fenugreek, fish oil, vitamin B, ginger, and zinc) compared with treatment using antiinflamatory drugs (NSAIDs).
The consumption of certain dietary fats can have an impact on endometriosis; long-chain omega-3 fatty acids seem to lower the risk.
It has been suggested that adequate vitamin D supplementation and higher dairy food intake can lower the risk for endometriosis as well.
Furthermore, at least in one study, pain associated with endometriosis seemed to respond well to a gluten-free diet.

Guest Article by Dietician Shwetha Bhatia