Biomechanics is the science that study the movement of a human body, how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work together to produce a movement. By realigning the lower limb to its natural angle with Orthotics ensure correct foot function and help relieve common biomechanical complaints.

Our normal foot functions in a Triplanar Motion i.e. in first plane includes movement of foot up and down, in the second plane it moves towards and away from the central bodyline and third plane includes rotation of foot in and out


The ideal posture demands the Hip and pelvis in neutral and aligned position


Faulty Biomechanics is deviation from the normal body alignment. It can occur at any single body joint and resultantly affect the other joints or parts as well. Poor alignment particularly foot structure can result in abnormal walking, instability and abnormal pressure areas. These biomechanical conditions, which are numerous, can affect children, adults, athletes and the geriatric population. Treatment for improper foot mechanics consists of proper footwear and orthotic devices to realign and maintain the anatomical angular relationship between the segments of the feet and legs. Some of the common Biomechanical problems are:

Flat Feet or Pronation / High Arch or Supination

Bunions / Claw Toes / Hammer Toes

Knock Knees / Bow Legs / Hyper extended knees

Leg Length Discrepancy

Exaggerated Lumbar Lordosis / Scoliosis / Pelvic Sway


Supports and Braces