Paediatric – 6 years to 16 years

Children’s FEET are the FOUNDATION of their body. It’s very important to evaluate and take care of ankle, foot and lower limb at a very young age because lower limb carry people for their entire lives. If ignored children may be affected by various conditions like Flat feet, heel pain, ankle sprain, ingrown nails, sports injuries and other disorders that may result in knock knees, bow Leg, Faulty Gait & Poor Posture which they have to live with rest of their life.

Active Adults – 17 years to 55 years

Foot Health is said to be the mirror of your health. And foot pain or discomfort can often be an indicator of an underlying bigger problem. Hence it’s important to diagnose and treat them at the first sign that something is wrong. Problems that Active Age population face due to their lifestyle which is busy and stressful, often leads to Lower Back Pain, Tired Aching  Legs, Heel Pain. Etc.

Aim of the Active Age Treatment program is to evaluate, prescribe & demonstrate exercise program to:

  • Maintain healthy living to meet the challenges of day to day occupational / professional activities
  • Enhance performance in recreational and/or competitive athletic activities.
  • To assist in prevention of injuries
  • To assist in case of injuries and in case of pain management and
  • To assist in to avoid early age arthritis

Athletes: Amateur, Competitive & Professional

Active lifestyle involving sports & other high impact activities are always at risk of injury. Neglecting foot, ankle not only invites problems in the lower limb but also in other parts of the body, such as the legs and back.

Our program for this population aims at

  • Injury prevention and treatment
  • Exercise for rehabilitation and health
  • Performance enhancement

Geriatric – 55 years and above

Major problem is Pain & Degeneration. The main focus of this program is:

To ensure maximum mobility healthy pain free independent living.