Orthofit envisions being an integral part of the healthcare team, taking responsibility of patients/clients as solution provider for “Foot, Ankle and Biomechanics related issues.

Our mission is to find and eradicate the root cause of the problems, with accurate diagnosis to deliver the best possible solution. We focus on seeking what’s best for our patients’ / clients’ physical health

To fulfill this mission, we are committed to: Listening to those we are privileged to serve.

Earning the trust and respect of our patients, our profession and our community.

Exceeding your expectations.

Ensuring a creative, challenging and compassionate professional environment.

Striving for continuous improvement at all levels.

Embody a Humanistic tradition that covers compassion, humility, integrity, truth, quality and service. We define our success by the number of people whose quality of life we improve. As of date we have provided solution to 70,000 patients/patrons and counting.

Serve patients by identifying, treating  the cause and providing solution and not treating just the symptoms

Treating our patients with care, respect, compassion and providing extensive patient education

We are committed to professionalism, honesty, confidentiality in providing high-integrity health care

Continue new associations to bring solution products from around the world to provide better healthcare to Indian community

Pioneer Research & Training centre for Foot, Ankle & Biomechanics Care in India