Guest Article, Dietitian Shwetha Bhatia

                 Exercise in Focus: Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows
It is a compound unsupported movement with an isolateral advantage (both sides working independently of each other), thus it is preferred over the Barbell rows. Isolateral also translates into more symmetrical efficiency on both sides, since one would always have a dominant side. Barbells should be used when the heaviest dumbbell available becomes too light for a person, in such case barbells can provide the challenge needed for progression.
Grip: Hold by the sides, neutral grip (natural hang).
Starting position: Hip hinge, hip moves back until the torso is parallel to the floor, neutral spine, knees soft.
Retract shoulder blades, inhale and pull explosively, exhale on completion of the rep. Repeat.
Remember to maintain retraction throughout.
Targets: Latissimus Dorsi, Posterior Deltoid, Mid fibres of the Trapezius and Rhomboids.
Functional aspect: Learning how to lift 2 objects off the floor at the same time in a bent-over unsupported position.