Workout Motivation

Guest article by Shwetha Bhatia

You know exercising is good… and you still don’t! You’re not alone. Try these really simple tips to get on the bandwagon.

Stop thinking about the beginning- Anticipating a visit to the gym can feel like anticipating a root canal. Don’t just think about the painful beginning. That’s not fair. Think about how good you feel when you’re making progress toward your goals. And it takes just 1 session to break the dread.

Make a real plan-amount, frequency, duration and then break it into weekly goals. Planning is crucial. Write down your own plan. Start small and gradually move towards bigger goals.

Train with your buddy- feel inspired by someone? Accompany them to the gym. Energy can be infectious. Do this until you are good to go on your own.

Get some awesome music- research has proven that it improves exercise performance and reduces your perception of discomfort. Get your favourite playlist ready.

Now what are you waiting for? Wake up and make it happen..See you at the gym!!

Shwetha Bhatia is a registered dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association. She runs her practice under the brand name “Metamorphosis’ in Mumbai. She is also a competitive fitness athlete (IBBF Bronze winner at the State & National Level 2015). She has also set up her own gym and nutrition counselling centre in Goa called Gym & Tonic. She’s also a columnist for the fitness magazine Krunch Today.

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